Gaining Levels: We will not be using experience points. Instead, we will use the following system. You need to participate in a number of sessions equal to your next character level to advance to that level. So from 1st to 2nd level takes 2 sessions, from 2nd to 3rd takes 3 sessions, from 3rd to 4th takes 4 etc. You should record the number of sessions you have at each level.

All the Classes are available. Here are some modifications that are realm specific.

Barbarian (New path) Untamed this path is a defiance of convention, and servitude, these barbarians reject the control of traditional society and demand their independence. Their lives are on the run, and they refuse to be caught.
3rd level – Wild runner – When raging or using the Dash action, you ignore difficult terrain, add 10 ft of movement, and gain advantage on Athletics and Acrobatics checks due to movement (climbing, balance, jumping, etc.).
6th level – Free Spirit – When you would be affected by a spell or power that would control your actions or mind, such as charm, fear or the like, you can as a reaction instead Rage (if you have rages left). If you are already raging, you are immune to such affects for the duration of your rage.
10th level – Unbound – Once per rest, you can use your bonus-action to remove paralysis, petrification, grapples, bonds, or any other effect that tries to hold you in place.
14th level – Freedom Fighter – After making a melee attack, you can use your bonus action to remove a charm, domination or other form of control from a target you struck. You don’t need to have done damage to the target, a slap will do. If the affect is 3rd level or less, the effect is automatic. If higher, roll against the spell DC with a bonus equal to the damage you do to the target.

Bard –Lorist (New Variant of the College of Valar) replace proficiencies you’d normally gain at 3rd level with Expertise in history, and Add Charisma bonus as if it were Constitution to Hit Points (in addition to the bonus from Constitution).

Cleric The following kinds of clerics are available:
Deh’wheri – Members of this Death Cult enjoy considerable power in the Faithful Realms, but are mostly unwelcome outside them. They are treated with tolerance in most areas for fear of drawing the ire of the Theocracy. Missionaries from the Theocracy visit other realms to proselytize, and offer services. Also there are hold-out temples that did not join the great pilgrimage to the Faithful Realms that might have a priest or two..
The Deh’wheri religion is most like the typical pantheons of other games. You pick a patron deity, and choose a domain under that god. You pray to the god or goddess for spells and to channel your divinity. The main difference is that there are few temples or other support outside the Faithful Realms.
Patron Deities:
Velrey [Red Queen , Torch Bearer, Gate Keeper]

  • Ward Priests:
    Fire Domain:
    Bonus Cantrip: Fire Bolt
    Domain Spells: Burning Hands, Pyrotechnics (EE) , Flaming Sphere, Scorching Ray, Fireball, Flame Arrows, Wall of Fire, Conjure Minor Fire Elemental, Flame Strike, Conjure Fire Elemental

Defense Domain
Proficiency: Heavy Armor
Shield Wall: As a reaction, when wielding a shield, and an adjacent ally is attacked, add +2 AC to her AC.
Domain Spells:Detect Evil & Good, Shield of Faith, See Invisible, Spiritual Weapon, Aura of Vitality, Spirit Guardians, Guardian of Faith, Stoneskin, Dispel Evil ad Good, Wall of Stone

  • Red Priests:
    War Domain:As per PHB
    Sovereignty Domain:
    Bonus Cantrip: Friends
    Domain Spells: Charm Person, Command, Calm Emotions, Zone of Truth, Crusader’s Mantle, Beacon of Hope, Compulsion Divination, Commune, Geas.

Auteil [The Lady, Blessed Mother, Queen Mother, Autumn]
Life Domains, Natural Domain, Death Domain (as per PHB)

Remaht [Blood Brother, Vengeance, The Hawk]
Air Domain
Bonus Cantrip: Gust (EE)
Domain Spells: Thunderwave, Feather Fall , Gust of Wind, Dust Devil (EE), Fly, Gaseous Form, Conjure Minor Air elemental, Dimension Door, Control Winds, Conjure Air Elemental
Vengeance Domain:

Peruul: [Traveller, Uncle Judgement, Enaach]
Water Domain: Bonus Cantrip: Shape Water
Domain Spells: Create or Destroy Water, Fog Cloud, Alter Self (aquatic), Sphere of Water (As per Flaming Sphere except: CON Save, or take 2d6 Drowning Damage, half as much if saved. It soaks things. It does not shed light, but it will extinguish non-magical flames.), Water Breathing, Water Walk, Conjure Minor Water Elemental, Control Weather, Conjure Water Elemental, Cloudkill
Judgment Domain:

Norbin [Dream Father, Oracle]
Knowledge Domain (PHB)
Magic Domain:

Heroic Clerics
Instead of turning undead, Heroic Clerics and Paladins can turn extra-planars (celestials, elementals, fiends and some fey and aberrations).
No divine intervention. Instead once per long rest, they can have the the same chance of contacting a Hero, who can give them advice as per Commune Spell, and Inspiration.

These are the Priests that focus on supporting the heroes, and protecting the common folk. They are frequently attached to a Sanctuary (temple). Wardens may also serve in the cities of the Fifth Empire managing the great Divine Engines that provide them power and magic. Adventuring Wardens are usually travelers helping out the common folk and trying to find new and reborn heroes.
1st Bonus Cantrip: Brake
1st Iron Ward: Whenever you cast a Domain spell, you and an allied target gain +2 AC versus Extraplanars (Celestials, Fiends, Elementals)
Domain Spells:

  • Level 1: Heroism, Protection from Evil & Good
  • Level 3: Aid, Warding Bond
  • Level 5: Crusader’s Mantle, Magic Circle
  • Level 7: Stoneskin, Banishment
  • Level 9: Dispel Evil and Good, Planar Binding
    2nd Channel Divinity: Chains of Binding. You can use your Channel divinity to conjure iron chains, and attempt to Restrain an Extra-Planar creature within 30ft. The creature must make a CHA save versus your Spell DC. If it succeeds, it is unaffected. It if fails it is restrained. Doing so also restrains you as well. Once restrained it can attempt a CHA save each round to free itself, however doing so requires an Action. This lasts for concentration up to 1 minute.
    6th Soul Ward: You have a Protection vs. Evil & Good up permanently. You do not gain the +2AC unless you cast the spell on yourself as well.
    8th Divine Strike, you gain the ability to infuse your weapon strikes with divine energy. Once on each of your turns, when you hit a creature with a weapon attack, you can cause the attack to deal an extra 1d8 radiant damage to the target. When you reach 14th level, the extra damage increases to 2d8.
    17th Shield of the Heroes: Extraplanar creatures take 4d8 radiant damage when they touch you or use a melee attack. This has no effect on ranged attacks.

Helotry Domain – “Binders”
These priests seek to capture and binder the Fallen to the service of mortals. Their main game are Gods and powerful demons, but they make use of other creatures as needed. They see their actions are redressing historical injustices.
Bonus Cantrip: Harrier
1st Familiar: You learn Find Familiar spell and can cast it as a ritual. The spell doesn’t count against your number of spells.
When you cast the spell you can choose one of the normal forms for your familiar or one of the following special forms: dretch, imp, quasit, magma, mephit, slaad tadpole.
Additionally when you take the Attack Action, you can forgo one of your attacks to allow your familiar to make one attack of its own.

Domain Spells:

  • 1st Summon Monster, Command
  • 3rd Spiritual Weapon, Misty Step
  • 5th Magic Circle, Spirit Guardian
  • 7th Conjure Minor Elementals, Staggering Smite
  • 9th Conjure Elemental, Planar Binding

2nd Channel Divinity: Iron Whip. You manifest your channel divinity in a mystic force whip. The whip has a range of 30ft. Make a ranged spell attack against a creature and it takes 2d10 force damage. If it is an extraplanar, the damage is psychic, and you get advantage on the attack. When used against extra planars, it also allows an Intimidation check (with advantage) as a bonus action. This can be used a number of times equal to your wisdom bonus for each use of Channel Divinity.
6th Enhanced Summoning – Beginning at 6th level the conjuration summoning spells you cast are treated as one level higher.
8th Fallen Servant – You can acquire a Celestial, Fiendish, Aberrant or Elemental creature of CR4 or less as a servant (a la Find Familiar). This doesn’t cause you to lose your existing Familiar. This creature can be swapped for a CR 7 or less creature at 14th level.
17th Master the Fallen. When you summon a monster and an extra planar is on the list. You can always choose to summon it. In addition, the creature has maximum hit points, and gets your Wisdom bonus to hit points, attacks and damage with its basic attacks.

Cult of the Walkers – Cult of ….
Fallen Gods and Demons now walk the earth. Some of the old less popular gods, angels and demons seek followers to help them regain their stature.
Domains: Any domain is possible. Check with DM.
Turning Undead: Cultists may have different enemies they can turn based on their patron.
Divine Intervention: Cultists have double the chance of getting intervention, and can begin calling for it at 5th level. However, after asking for intervention, the Cultist loses hit points equal to her level, and her maximum is reduced by a like amount. The maximum hit points return at a rate of 1 per full day of service directly to the Walker.

A player may play a character without a patron deity because she herself has divine blood (an angel, demon, demi-god or fallen god) who hasn’t reached her full potential.
Domains: any domain is possible (see DM)
Spells: She doesn’t pray for spells, but rather meditates and rests to retrieve them
Divine Intervention: Fallen have a chance equal to that of their Divine Intervention chance to exhibit a Divine power. How that manifests is up to the DM.

Druid – Circle of the Wild
Circle of the Wild – Thistle
These druids seek to return the land to nature, destroy civilization (or at least make it subject to the wild).
Your movement is not slowed in rough or obstructed terrain if of natural causes (snow drifts, thick undergrowth, rain, wind etc.)
2nd level Rabid Rage: Once while in your Wild Form, you may rage as per a Barbarian. This lasts one minute or until you change shapes. Once you rage in animal form, you must try to attack someone (even an ally if no enemy is available). If you cannot, you stop raging and leave you form.
While thus raging, beasts of the same kind around you, must make a Wis Save (DC based on your spell DC) or also rage. Their rage lasts one minute or until they are unable to attack someone.
6th level Wilding As an Bonus Action, at will, the Druid can look into the eyes of a domesticated or trained beast within 60ft. The creature needs to make a CHA save (based on your spell dc) or go feral. If they are leashed, saddled or otherwise bound, they will attempt to escape, and attack any person trying to control or sooth them. The effect is permanent and the creature will never again serve unless a remove curse is cast on the creature. That permits someone to attempt to capture and retrain them.
10th level Return to Nature If you cast plant growth in an area of construction (inhabited or not). The spell does 4d6 damage to all structures in the area of effect.
14th level Wild CloakYou exude the ONE of following spells all the time in a 40ft radius: Plant Growth, Storm Sphere, Earth Tremor, Warding Wind, Ice Storm. You are immune to the effects of these spells. You can concentrate to prevent any effect, or take an action to change the effect..

Heroic Chosen: All Oaths are applicable, but Oaths of Heroism and Vengeance are most applicable.
Oath of Heroism
Oath of Vengeance (Replace Hold Person with See Invisibility, Protection from Energy with Non Detection). The Gods that chose the Chosen determine some of the abilities:
Against Folon – Master of Time, Slayer of Kings. You can make a Wis check to know the exact time. In addition to the normal Channel Divinity you can Channel Time. This gives you the power to cast Haste on yourself.
Against Assern – The Binder, enslaves and imprisons Man. You get Proficiency with Thieve’s Tools. In addition to the normal Channel Divinity. You can perform the Unbinding. Using your channel divinity you produce an effect similar to a Knock spell in a 60ft radius. In addition you can dispel any Hold, Paralysis or other effect that binds or traps creatures that you see. Roll you spell casting ability versus a DC equal to 10+ the spell level. If you are successful the binding effect ends.
Against Gerius – Master of the Beasts (He landed in the city where Respite was): You gain Animal Handling as a skill. When you reach 3rd level, in addition to your normal Channel Divinity powers, you can also use it to Calm the Savage Beasts. As an Action you can stare into the eyes of any undomesticated, wild or rabid beast with 30ft. It makes a Wisdom Save vs. your Spell DC. If it fails, it moves from Hostile to Indifferent (it has no effect on Friendly or Indifferent Beasts). So long as you use your Action to maintain eye contact it will maintain an Indifferent Attitude. If you do so for 1 minute (10 actions), it will stay indifferent unless attacked. If it is attacked or threatened in any way, the effect is lost. you can affect up to one beast per Paladin Level if they are in the area. At 7th level, this ability also applies to Monstrosities.
Against Iiresa – Mistress of Love, Pain, and Vengeance. You get Proficiency with Insight. In addition to your normal Channel Divinity, you can use the effect to Break Charms in 30ft radius from you as though you cast a dispel magic (only affecting charms and similar enchantments) on the creatures in the area.
Against Udu – The Hammer, the weapon breaker, bringer of wars – You get proficiency with Smith’s Tools. As a bonus you can conjure a normal weapon (of any type) to your hand. It functions as a normal weapon. It lasts until the end of the turn it leaves your grasp. So you could fire a conjured arrow, and if it hit it would do damage to your opponent, then the arrow would disappear. But you cannot hand it to another person.
Against Perifin – Bringer of Plagues and Pestilence – You also get proficiency with Medicine Skill and Healing Kit.Your Laying on Hands Ability is (Paladin Level + CHA bonus) x5.
Against Typhane – The idiot, god of ignorance, misunderstanding. You get proficiency with Investigation. In addition. You get Proficiency on Intelligence Saving Throws. And Advantage to saves versus Illusions, Confusion and similar spells.
Against Velrey – The bringer of fire, the divider. You get resistance to Fire. In addition, you gain advantage when using persuasion to make peace between opposing people.


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