Post Apotheosis

We leave Roost to find Bones knowing they are near Bloodhound Keep. Go north around swamp where we killed water demon. Get to Cinder Break where everything dead like burnt from heat.

Not everything at Cinder Break dead. Trees not all the way dead. Burnt half-dead trees try to kill us. Junior ask Quarterjack if these are what humans call Ash trees. He says that’s a different tree that’s all the way alive and not burned. Humans not make much sense as they think.

We survive the ashy dead not-Ash trees and sleep in Muxelnux web tent.

In morning, we walk toward Keep and Quarterjack puts tricky magic on us so we look like ferrorc pack. On way we find dead beastmen. Junior talk to crow friend eating dead beastmens and ask who kill them. Crow says elves were here on hill between us and Keep and made rain from arrows.

Odda makes one of the beast men only half-dead. We name him Goatface Killer. He doesn’t say if he likes the name. He comes with us as we go to the hill to find the elves. But they’re gone already.

We walk to an hour away from Keep. Odda uses holy man powers to look around the keep from so far away and tell us where to raid the raiders. We decide to sneak around back corner by tower while half-dead beastman goes and knocks on front door of Keep.

But Bones laid traps and Junior stepped on one while sneaking around Keep. Big sound alerts the guards on the walls with the arrows. Junior run forward to draw fire and let rest of party get away. Dumon and Saela run forward with me but end up falling through thin ice of frozen moat around Keep. I get hit with arrows while helping them out of ice, then run and jump over moat and start to climb wall.

Odda thinks his half-dead beastman is probably in the moat by the front door, but says it’ll be OK because half-dead beastman doesn’t breathe or get cold. We will fish him out later maybe.

Quarterjack turns into a giant birdie and Muxelnux summons his spider mount and makes it magic at climbing walls. Quarterjack shuttles Odda to the wall and then he and Muxelnux take Simon and Ronnie to the top of the tower. Odda makes a hole in the wall beside the tower and goes through it while everyone else heads to top of tower.

Oppaca’s witch is there. She is calling storms and has already called so many locusts we can’t see her in the cloud of them at the top of the tower. Ronnie and Simon and Muxelnux fight her blindly through the locusts while Quarterjack the birdie comes back for me. I am busy climbing and running along Keep walls knocking down archers on the way to the tower when Quarterjack the birdie grabs me and takes me to top.

I get to top as Muxelnux’s earth spiders have been shattering the tower beneath the Witch’s feet. Ronnie doesn’t fall because he is nimble, but the Witch falls to her death just as I arrive. Simon has also fallen down, but Muxelnux shoots web from his bum so he glides gently to where Odda is fighting ferrorcs at the base of the tower.

Mux and Ronnie still facing off on tower top with a ferrorc and my old friend Falco. Junior not smart, but sometimes in fights things slow down and Junior see very clearly. This time, Junior sees that if we kill Oppaca and free ferrocs, Bones will need new leader, smarter and not as mean as Oppaca. Falco wise and tough, can be that leader. And we can make deal with him for safety of the Roost. So Junior only knock Falco out instead of killing him, then shove ferrorc off tower on way to running down tower stairs looking for Oppaca.

I am sorry ferrorc and ferrorc archers that I push off tower and Keep walls.

At bottom of stairs in narrow hall, Junior find many ferrorcs and member of the Bones. Simon comes jumping from top of wall onto ferrorc in front of me. They both fall down, so Junior step over them and kill ferrorc before it hurt Simon. Can smell Oppaca now. He is close.

Maybe Junior only have to hurt a few more of my people to get to Oppaca. Please forgive Junior. I am sorry. I am sorry to hurt you, but is for good of all our people to get rid of Oppaca. It is for freedom for orcs. Hopefully Quarterjack can keep the rest from fighting. I can see the lights from his mesmerizing pattern up ahead so maybe they stay out of way.

Now is time to kill Oppaca. Simon gets up. We make our charge…


Stephen_Scholz Muy

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