Post Apotheosis

New Dawn, New Day, New Life

Feeling Good, Still Ready to Die

This morning Tybalg, son of Tybalg, wake up in warm mud and shit of pig pen, feel like young Uruk Hai again.

Even after see looks on faces of women and children at Roost when return from North and Tybalg still covered in Oppaca blood from face to waist.

Ever after see poor little Ronnie ride Muxelnux spider home, crushed leg wrapped and held high on back.

Even with pain in bones and scars on flesh still healing from pounding of the Bone Crusher, poking of Mirsha’s spear, and burn of tiny blade in hand.

Even with strange dream of Tybalg, son of Tybalg, as Ancient Beast with Oppaca dead body in jaws.

Even with terrible vision of so many dead hostages and ferrorcs at Bloodhound Keep that we fail to save.

Even with all that still feel good this morning.

Also feel grateful to friends for help freeing all of Bones from Oppaca, including Tybalg, son of Tybalg, who was not free until now.

Grateful to Muxelnux the combat medic for keep Tybalg and Ronnie alive to fight and for sacrifice so many spider friends to distract Oppaca from kill us.

Grateful to Odda for saving as many of the weak as possible from Bones and still let old Bones reform at Bloodhound Keep with Dumon and Saela to show them new ways.

Grateful to Ronnie for so brave and so little at same time. Many orc, even Uruk Hai, not so brave in face of foe so big and strong.

Grateful to Jiro for show up not too late and make Ancient Beast Tybalg and Simon move faster than Oppaca, even if Jiro friend try to kill us all first.

Grateful to Quarterjack for make almost dead Tybalg into Ancient Beast Tybalg and for help with Muxelnux to get everyone to witch on tower before she stop us get to Oppaca.

Grateful to Simon for letting sword eat his soul to chop down Oppaca like tree and for not executing friends in the Bones or freed ferrorcs.

Grateful to Shield of Sacrifice for teaching Tybalg how to protect friends. Tybalg knows how to do it now even with Skull Shield.

All of us back at Roost and not sure what next, but Jiro flame skull friend who try to kill us also invite us to games in Beastman City. So far Beastman we meet only know same games as Oppaca.

Tybalg not want to play those games anymore. But Tybalg, son of Tybalg, will play blood games against Beastmen. For Simon. And to protect Roost.


Stephen_Scholz Muy

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