Welcome to the Slaughter Lands

Imagine a world of vast empires, tall towers, shining castles, crowded harbors, festive bazaars, well traveled roads. Cities having a million people with enormous crowded cathedrals, stadiums with horse races, gladiator fights, and circuses. Fertile farms growing every food you can imagine as far as the eye can see. Now imagine an apocalypse of global proportions. Every castle, every city, every town, trampled and burned. It’s people forced into hiding, scrounging for food, fearing the monsters that rained down from the heavens. Devils and Demons roamed freely torturing and killing at the commands of their dark gods. People were transformed into half beasts, or born inhuman monstrosities in the wake of the Apotheosis. The world was turned upside down, the stars fell to earth, the moons heralded only sorrow, few survived.
After a generation of torments, the dawn rose slowly. Perhaps the demons sensed their prey needed time to recoup, time to repopulate so that they could be tortured again. Perhaps those survivors honed in the battlefield, tempered in the starless nights, sharpened on the stones of adversity proved enough to send the Fallen into the shadows.
It has been several generations since the long night. The stars have returned to the skies. Green has returned to the fields and forests. In some places the wild have returned a hundredfold, thick woods have grown where lonely heathers lay. Roads smooth with wear have been transformed to thick hedge rows, impenetrable to all.
And the peoples of Malaan have crept back into the sun. Many have fled their ancestral homes to start fresh far away. Others have cleared ancient towns and villages, and recycle the cut stone to make new. Others still have built atop the ruins of their grandfather’s keeps.
A mere fraction of its former glory, and still swarming with evil, Malaan is slowly recovering. The majority of people are still shy and fearful that any stranger may in fact be a Fallen Godling come to wreak havoc. But some brave souls are working to venture out, and reclaim the world.

Post Apotheosis

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