Race List: Add Goblin, and Orc, remove -Dragonborn
Racial Vision
The following modifications apply.
Dwarf/Gnome (RockDeepvision Double the range of light from any sources when underground or inside buildings. Also, no disadvantage/advantage to/from melee attacks from darkness when underground or inside.
Elf/Half Elf/Gnome (Forest)Feysight – Treat dim light as bright light outside. Treat foliage as one level lower obscurement.
Tiefling/Half Orc/Goblin/Orc/Drow – Darkvision as per PHB.

Sub-Race: Rock Gnomes
Rock gnomes are hardier, and more patient, than their forest cousins. They prefer the long game and intricate plans to quick action. They like to study a situation, before jumping in and acting.
Ability Score Improvement: Your constitution is increased by 1.
Gnomish Tactics: Rock Gnomes know the True Strike cantrip. Intelligence is your spell casting ability with it.
Premeditation: A gnome can take extra time on some activity that requires a skill or ability check. The premeditated activity takes double the normal time. The Gnome can then substitute a 15 for whatever roll she makes after the roll, but before knowing the whether it was successful (examples: searching an area, investigating a scene, tending the wounded, persuading a city official, etc). After using this ability, the Gnome needs to take a short or long rest before being able to use it again.

Goblins: (Gaeblebarh)

Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity
Size: Small Speed: 30
Traits: Darkvision, Nimble Step: Opportunity attacks made against you are made with disadvantage. Sneaky: You have advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) rolls.

Royal Goblins
The most common goblins come from Barharkaha, the Goblin kingdom. They have extensive networks and contacts throughout the Goblin world. They tend to dress in finery and be very acquisitive and proud of their displays. They can be generous when entertaining, but take pride in making good deals and ‘winning’ in negotiations.
Ability Score Adjustment: Your Intelligence score is increased by 1.
Calculating: You can use your Intelligence Modifier instead of Wisdom or Charisma and have advantage on Persuasion or Insight checks when negotiating a business deal or other negotiation.
Appraisal:.Royal Goblins can calculate the value of most gems, coins, and valuable objects in one minute. Highly unusual items may take more time. In addition, Royal Goblins can ascertain the function of two Magic Items in a single short rest (or one in half the time)

Hill Goblin
Hill Goblins, or True Goblins as they call themselves, are those who trace their ancestry to more wild times, when they ran with the other Goblinoid races (orcs, hobgoblins). They are less mysterious and haughty than their cousins and more likely to be assimilated with the common folk, or live in smaller tribes isolated from civilization.
Ability Score Adjustments: Your Charisma score is increased by 1.
Slippery: You have advantage on Dexterity checks or saving throws to escape grapples, restraints or attacks that impede your movement.
Mob Tactics: Your attack bonus is increased by 1 against enemies engaged in melee with your allies.


Ability Scores: +2 Strength
Size: Medium Speed: 30
Proficiencies: All martial axes
Traits: Darkvision, Advantage on Death Saves, Keen Smell (Advantage on smell perception checks), Animal Instincts (insight check to read the aura of your vicinity)

Uruk Vel
Plains Orcs, tribes of orcs that ran across the open plains of the Valas and Kuusmac. They value their freedom above all else, but value the freedom of others nearly as much.
Ability Score Adjustments: Your Wisdom score increases by 1
Blood Rage: After you first take damage in a battle, you deal 1 additional damage with each attack until the end of the battle.
Fleet Footed: Your speed increases by 5 feet.

Uruk Hai
The elite warriors of the orcs, the Uruk hai were sharpened on the stone of war. These orcs are often harsh in their measure, believing only the strong survive.
Ability Score Adjustments: Your Constitution score increases by 1.
Indomitable: You may ignore the first 2 points of damage you take each round. You are also resistant to cold damage.
Iron Belly: You have advantage on all saving throws to resist diseases or poisons from things you breath or eat.


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