Inspiration is a special one shot use of Advantage.
Gaining Inspiration:
You can gain Inspiration a variety of ways.

  1. Add significantly to the Wiki or Obsidian Portal website (could be game summary, character write up, planning, NPC descriptions, backstory, away from the table, role playing story or really anything).
  2. Claim a Setback (borrowed from the Angry GM). To Claim a Setback you must either impose disadvantage on one of your own ability checks, saving throws, or attack rolls based on one of your Personal Characteristics, OR take no action at all, OR make a decision that creates a significant story setback, obstacle, or hindrance.
    ex. Kent has the Flaw: “Always gives people the benefit of the doubt.” He encounters a group of Trolls who approach with smiles saying “we just want to talk little man.” He gets a higher initiative, but opts to take no action to give the Trolls a chance to talk. They attack. Kent’s player can claim a setback.
    ex. Linder has the Bond: “Loyal to the College of Magic.” After returning from an initial sortie in to the Seventh Trench a fellow Collegian asks him how to get entrance into the Trenches. He willingly tells her the secret entrance. Now the party has to race the College to the cache of Mage Engines.
  3. Inspiring an ally. If your character’s actions or words inspire another character to do one of the above. (Take Disadvantage, Take no Action, or create a story setback). That player can designate you as the source.
    ex. Hassan gets knocked prone by a Pit Fiend. He quips: “You can knock me down, but I’ll win your love yet!” M’tana, his ally, doubles over laughing, her player decides to take Disadvantage on her next attack and grant Hassan inspiration.

Taking an Inspired Action
When you take an Inspired Action, you can either gain advantage on an ability check, attack roll, damage roll, or saving throw; OR you can give advantage to someone else’s ability check, attack roll, or saving throw provided you are in a position to assist them directly in some way; OR impose disadvantage on someone else’s ability check, attack roll, or saving throw provided you are in a position to hinder their action directly in some way. Whatever it is, the Inspired Action MUST somehow connect to one of your Personal Characteristics.
ex. Shannamar has Inspiration. While engaged with a group of Clerics of Velrey, someone casts Hold Person on him. His player says "Shannamar has the personality trait “hates being restrained, grappled or held”. I use my inspiration to have Advantage on his saving throw.
ex. Teek’l has Inspiration. While battling a group of demons his ward Alys is attacked. His player says "I have a bond: “strongly protective of Alys. I use my inspiration to create a bunch of mystic motes around the demon’s eyes to give it Disadvantage attacking her.”

Inspiration remaining at the end of the session is usually lost (with some exceptions).

Sharing Inspiration
If you have Inspiration, you can you use your Reaction to give it to another character that you can see, and who can hear you, after they roll an Attack, Save (including Death Saves) or Check, but before they’ve resolved whether it is successful. Giving someone else Inspiration requires you say something inspiring.
ex. Muxelnux casts a Fire Web spell at the injured Oni, most of the party is restrained or dying. He rolls a 6 to hit. Odda, who has Inspiration, yells to him: “If you don’t kill that bastard, you’ll never get a chance to woo that freaky mind witch!” Mux, rolls again and gets 14! A hit.


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