Ritual Caster: in addition to existing features, there are some Rituals which are True Rituals, rituals that are not also spells. Any number can be learned and performed by any character with the Ritual Caster feat or ability and the appropriate pre-requisites, and components. Some rituals are limited to class, religion or location.

New Feat: Anamnetic Artifice
Using a Bonus Action you can use your Intelligence Points (up to your proficiency bonus each use) as Sorcery Points on a one to one basis (sacrifice 1 point of Intelligence for 1 Sorcery Point). In addition when you use this, you must roll on the Wild Surge (chart 2). You must use the Sorcery Points that turn or they are lost. The Intelligence returns after a long rest. If your Intelligence reaches 0, you are stunned and cannot act until after a long rest. So at 2nd level, you can sacrifice up to 2 INT on a turn (until your INT reaches 0) and use them as Sorcery Points, at 5th level you will be able use 3 INT each time.
In addition :

  • You make you Intelligence Checks for remembering things at a Disadvantage until you are at your normal INT.
  • If you have used this Feat that day, you get to make a new save versus any Charms each round. If you succeed, you are stunned for one round, then free from the charm.

New Feat: Beastly Feature
As a result of birth or some transformation spell/ritual, you are imbued with the feature of some beast. Pick One attribute and add 1 to it based on a beast with higher than 10 attribute. Choose 1 from the following Bite Attack d6+str, Gore Attack 1d6+tr, Claw Attack 1d6+str, Keen Hearing, Keen Scent, Keen Vision, 50ft speed, 30ft fly, 30ft swim, 30ft climb, camouflage, others see DM. This can be taken multiple times with different abilities from the same beast. You possess characteristics that resemble the beast. You have disadvantage trying to disguise them.

New Feat Advanced Beastly Feature
Pre-req. Beastly Feature. Pick an attribute your beast has greater than 10 add 1 to the same. You get a greater ability from a beast you are part of. Chose one of the following: multi-attack (claw, bite, gore in addition to other attacks); echolocation, tremorsense 10ft, pack tactics, amphibious, web, echolocation(blindsight), bite/sting +2d4 poison, (others see DM). You are clearly a beastkin with fur, antlers, claws, teeth, etc.. making it impossible to disguise or form to anyone getting a decent look at you without magic.


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