Character Experience

Character Name – Level.Sessions – Inspiration *

Team Milestones:

  • Self Sufficiency (@610 settlers) (+2)
  • Return with Proof of Assassination of the King (+2)
  • Return with Raven Dullas (+2)
  • Free Thelessa from its Vampire lords (+4)

NEW! Each Player can designate one ‘Personal Goal’ that requires some effort, sacrifice or risk to achieve. You can put it in your character secrets section. You can get bonus Episode Experience (DM will determine the bonus) for accomplishing the goal. This bonus can be rewarded once per level.

Examples of Personal Goals:

  • Discover whereabouts (dead or alive) of relative
  • Change specific NPC’s attitude from Hostile or Friendly
  • Successfully use a skill (persuasion, diplomacy) to avoid a combat
  • Acquire and train an unusual steed.

Character Experience

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