Post Apotheosis

End of the Line Episode 53

They say descretion is the better part of valor.

Brokedown Palace
Fare thee well, my only true one

With elves at door to Peoples’ Mine, licking chops like hungry wolf, we wake from rest in secret upside down world and make decision. Odda dream of his ancestors who remind that take care of living things is hard work and then you get blamed when they die.

Odda lets go of world and we tell Caerydail to keep it secret and keep it safe. She agrees and then becomes part of Haven as it becomes part of her, coming to life together.

It is sad for Tybalg, son of Tybalg, to leave Caerydail behind, but already thought Tybalg be dead by now. Already more time with her than expect or deserve. Better lose her this way than death.

She make exit for us through old Roost village of half-deads we made all the way dead before and we go back to Roost with silver to pay for Spider Festival.

Waiting for us at town square of Roost are elves who are very fast and weren’t stopped by town guard or Sheriff at gates. We tell them is too late to take Haven because is safe now. Odda invite them for dinner.

Sheriff also tell us that we are losing residents because elves taking boats of them to Theo crazies. Not understand why they want to go.

Elves offer us help but Odda say he not need their kind of help, they help enough already, and can go home now.

After rest and re-equipping ourselves, we go to get old goblin Wagonhome that Tybalg left off the road to Sanam and then visit Aester to offer our help with his troubles. They doubt us at gate, but we go in and see they were under siege and now still have army of big Northmen to pay for protection.

Aester say he not need our help against giants because Northmen already take care of that. They say have an errand for us, but before we can decide to do or not, word comes from Sanam that King is sick and Lords must all go.

Simon flies to Sanam as giant eagle with Quarterjack to try to help King before others arrive. Not sure what happen but when we get there, Simon say he helped King last this long and Quarterjack is very mad at King’s Vizier who also very mad at Quarterjack.

As Lords are gathered and King begin talk to name new King if he die, King start to die already and not wake up. Now Lords don’t know what to do.

But Lords don’t have Buckler. Tybalg has Buckler. And Buckler tell Tybalg on long ride from Aester lands to Sanam what to do if King dies…same advice Buckler give on Haven: let someone else feed the hare while we keep marching on like turtle.

Buckler say best new King is neighbor of Roost to protect us and Haven and Caerydail, but Odda and Simon don’t like Aester. And Aester have problems of his own. Can’t do nothing for us. That only leave old man Revan.

But Buckler say not rush to support old man Revan. Be patient like turtle. Wait for him promise to protect Roost. And let non-humans move to Roost from other Lords if they want. Then promise help make old man Revan new King.

But Buckler also say not rush Odda on decidings. Humans only listen to Odda and Odda only listen to Odda, too. Odda like hare at start, like turtle at end. He get there eventually.

The Hungry Worm

Excerpt from the personal diary of Quartermaster Ronald:

As the demon charged in after the brown, rocky worm, the big one showed up. The god worm swallowed lord meal ticket and ran away to digest. In an instant, all of our plans were ruined.

The keep wouldn’t belong to us without the lord, so we had to go after him, but we didn’t exactly have a way to survive a trip into the ocean of little mind-control worms without any fireballs. After some discussion, Mux said he’d focus on killing them, and we charged through the wormhole.

Odda tried to stop us halfway through. He explained how the worm god was good and we should all join to be one consciousness. We weren’t quite sure whether it was Odda and whether Odda was controlled, but I threw a rock at him and it passed through so we figured he was safe to ignore like usual.

We entered a big dark place with stalagmites, then found ourselves at the coastline of a sea of wormlings. The goblin slipped and fell in once, but mostly we managed to keep out of them. Couple of zombie worms came at us, biting. Speculated that Odda might have helped the worm god raise them, but it seemed awfully fast to raise that white one. We’d already killed them once, so it wasn’t too hard to kill them again.

Then the big one showed up with a roar of an earthquake to back him. Caught us all unaware and deafened us as rocks crushed us. Things happened pretty fast after that. I levitated the rocks off myself (note to self: hard to cast spells when deaf) and then the god tried to whammy us all so I had to shake the meatshield awake. The goblin must have been hit by some sort of fear thing because he ran away.

Big worm ate the rock spider and poisoned the meaty one. He wasn’t hitting so well, so the goblin came back and turned him into a monkey. Odda was definitely helping the god worm fight. I was finding it hard to pinpoint weaknesses in its anatomy, but the Paladin got some good smites in, and just as I was about to strike the finishing blow and assume the title “god-killer,” Mux beat me to it.

Wasting no time, I dashed over and woke the druid, then—still deaf—motioned for Mux to have the spider elemental pull the silver out of the worm’s belly. I followed the elemental in and started picking up things: some nice leather armor and gloves, lots of little gems and small stone box. There was this lightning orb inside the box and a silver talisman (note to self: don’t touch talisman again; maybe convince enemy).

There were boulders of silver inside, but the spider elemental was no use carrying anything and when I asked Mux why, he dismissed the elemental! We need to have a discussion about that later.

By this time, everyone was arguing about Odda and the druid taking over and I wasn’t really paying too much attention until Simon said he was going to walk off and tell the elves about it. I thought that was rather ridiculous, and with a little magical influence, Simon started to see the humor.

The orc got him tied up but didn’t gag him and so we all discussed it a bit further. Really had it out. At times, I was accused of being greedy or racist or skimming off the top for the thieves’ guild. The thieves’ guild. Really? The place run by the slimes that used to beat me up and steal my food?

The others have all been too pampered to really understand why we need to be greedy. They all grew up in luxury with a clan or a convent or a big group of bullies. None of them have dug through garbage, struggling to force your hands to move because you’re too tired from cold and hunger. Then finding something, and having it taken away by some thug goblin because you’re the smallest kid on the street, and as stupid as they are, you’re too weak to fight back. Most of the others are too young to have seen the last big famine.

And they want to piss off the druids? The way they live, they won’t see the fallout, but, suppose the great druid picks up and leaves. The forest stops to grow so well, crops start to dwindle. A keep’s not a building; it’s land.

But maybe lord selfish will make the crops grow. Maybe the druids won’t be pissed off too much. Maybe the snake druid will be worse? Maybe pissing off lord vanity is an even worse idea, especially with the goblin threatening to tattle.

At any rate, if it gets bad, I can always leave. I have traveling expenses, at least, set aside. Just enough to set up somewhere new, if things turn bad here. And it’s not bad yet. We eat pretty well.

So back to the task at hand. The worms had done the job of harvesting all that silver, and there were mounds of it in that great worm. Silver that Lord Odda had promised the people, but in the short term, feeding them feeds us all.

Coming to this conclusion, I turned around to discovered that the worm was no more. And in its place there was a great big, leafy tree.

Well then.

A Stop in the Woods
Why one shouldn't trust the Neutrals!

The flames continue to reveal the secrets of my future, and that future is disturbing.

As much as I would prefer plug the entrance to Wormhold, and go back to negotiating with our neighbors and planning for our winter festival, my forefathers have revealed something to me. Come spring, the worms will be at the Keep, corrupting both the lands and our people.

They have shown me that our only chance to stop the tide of darkness; the beastkin, undead, fallen gods, and evil men, is to take the power of Wormhold and turn it into something good. Without it, we are lost.

I have much to meditate on. I sense a minor disturbance in the Druid wood, and Ronnie has been anxious to visit Toulis there for some reason, so I chose to take a ride in the early Winter frosting while the lads are out retrieving Jiro. Ronnie, please, we can’t ride any slower. Enough about the grinding pain in your leg already, I’m trying to think.

We park at Hawk’s Hunt and I have a brandy with the old man. Say what you will about his politics, that old knight keeps a well appointed manor. Before I can warm my bones, Ronnie is already hobbling about, so we get going.

The trees are less responsive than the last time we entered the wood but with enough climbing and prodding they carry us around again. But only to deposit us whence we started. I send poor Gerhardt, who died quite young about a century ago, and he goes and asks Toulis if she is ok or needs any help. Gerhardt is back in a flash with her response: yes, the wood has been infiltrated and there is danger…

Well, that’s our specialty, so I light a fire and wait. Staring into the flame, I summon the gang, and within minutes fate delivers them right to my location. But what is this — Symon in chains and Jiro still transformed. Great grandfathers, whats spirits possess him? The helmet you say? I follow a dark thread from Symon’s eyes to the deep recesses of his soul where its thick as rope. We heave… dozens of my kin join me in this heavy burden but we finally tug it free and it recoils back into the great evil helm…

Wasn’t I just telling you how dangerous magic items can be?

Like so many fell beasts before them, some wood ogres and giants commit suicide by ambushing us, and we make our way to the great hollowed tree. Who knows how long it has lain fallen, but the magics of this place have made its roots flow up in a great fortress larger than Raven’s Roost.

Toulis is there with friends, and typical of those who spend too much time from society, her manners are terrible and there are no thanks for coming to her aid. Seriously Ronnie, the big folk are talking, we can talk about your leg later.

Tybalg and Jack, having matriculated amongst evils are too trusting of these neutrals. They assume the mushrooms on the table were left for them, and they are soon wandering in the grove and picking flowers.

I, on the other hand, do not trust the neutrals. At least with evils, you know where you stand.

Toulis makes it obvious that she’s been scrying us. We should really get better defenses against that. The butch priestess, Paerune, who doesn’t look like she’s getting married anytime soon, is apparently a leader of Symon’s order and a terrible influence on him. You would think she had dug him out of a pile of bodies or just restored his soul the way he aligned with her neutral thinking.

While the warrior, maybe the priestess’s girl friend, Burnt Sienna, taunted Jiro for looking different, Ronnie sold us out to the druid. Just to relieve his cramped little leg, he agreed to leave Caerdail in Wormhold, if and when we can rid it of its current godling. First, that’s terrible bargaining for a quartermaster… a hobbit leg can’t be worth much more that a few chickens and he’s trying to give away our only lifeline to survival. Second, he seems to much aligned with the neutrals… I might need find a new purser.

I storm off back through the wood, refusing to have my hand forced by a coven of wardens. They have no sense of the struggle of light and darkness we are waging. The wardens see me as just as bad as the beast lord, and their transparent attempt to destroy Wormhold after we sacrifice ourselves to conquer it does not sit well with me. Especially since they will be sending Caerdail to sacrifice herself to do so, and I hate seeing Tybalg blubber and cry.

My flames have shown me what we need to do!

Brain Toxins Everywhere!
I bolted out of that strange worm plane and dropped Lord Odda in the midst of a horrible winter storm. Lest his unconscious body get buried in the quickly rising snow, I hurried back into the depths in eagle form to grab more companions. The only companions left were Simon and the strange, red, demonic spider form Jiro had taken. Simon was riding the winged creature up through the tunnel back to the surface, but as I passed, I swear I noticed Simon pressing his sword to Jiros’ neck. Like trap door spiders we burst up into the white-out conditions. No sign of Tybalg, Dronnie Drane, or Sir Odda. My theory of them being nabbed by a blizzard spider was never told to the bickering Simon and the Blushing Jiro form. Jiro was becoming overconfident in his new, powerful, red, half spider-goyle form, and something was affecting Simons’ temper and judgement. Did a pixie-spider get to him without me noticing? Jiro lashed out with a claw. This was no sparring, he clawed through Simons armor and drew blood! My study of their blood would have to wait until after the battle. My oldest companion through so many adventures was using his deadly power swing like he thought Jiro was an enemy. The pixie-spider toxin had my companions fighting each other! I pulled out a tiny block of granite. “Sessaph Meslarp!” My final spell prepared for the day pulled web-stone up from the snow-covered rock to create an icy, stone prison for Jiro, to allow me to pull Simon away to safety so I could examine him. 30 seconds away the thunder of crumbling stone meant Jiro had burst through my web-stone. Inconceivable! The white-out conditions would have us safely hidden from the angry, confused Jiro. What’s this? Jiro has found us by using the weirding way to track our magic items. Simon goes into a rage I’ve only seen in Tybolg. Worrisome. I use the Harrier cantrip to aid Simon, but when Jiros’ 4 appendage winged spider form is about to fall, he takes flight and sends gout after gout of flame to melt the Paladin unconscious. This time the white-out blizzard was too much for Jiro. He was prowling like a vampire spider, but never found me. The web-sphere protected me in a small snowdrift. After a short rest I opened a portal to summon my sadistic, but obedient Spider-goyle. “Search the snows over there for my companion in red armor and drag his body back here”. It obeyed. Simon was alive, but unconscious, like he’d ingested Chub Chub venom. I was spell-less and drained of constitution, so needed rest. I chose to give Simon a healing shelob-wrap sleep treatment as we bed down for a long rest. Tulip snuggled up to the much warmer Simon for 8 hours of rest. We awoke to the familiar faces of Quarterjack and Tybalg. They had scryed us, but where was Ronnee Rain and Lord Odda? On their way to Toulis Evergreen to seek nature magic healing. Jiro in his strange form joined us again and the party voted to reunite with Lord Odda and Donny Dane and seek The Great Druids’ opinion on the Jiro form and Simon brain poison. My phantom spider bounded through the frozen swamp, while Vengeance carried Simon and my companions trailed along. 2 humanoids and a large cat figure approached in the open, 50 yards away, then closer, asking for parlay. My companions have been well-schooled on the treachery of the bog-leach spider, so were cautious in a tactical, spread approach. “The escaped creature is our property, to be returned to service under its’ rightful owner” commanded a regal man in green and red finery brandishing a large talisman in Jiros’ direction. We let the spider-silk tongued goblin do the talking, but Jiros approach towards the creatures found him charmed by the talisman! Simon Charged, but not towards our new foes! He cut the leg tendons of the Jiro beast-form causing a horrible wound. That left Quarterjack, Tybalg and me to deal with the strange, shifter wizard now flying, the tentacle-faced glaive wielding warrior, The leader, an imp-like creature and a tiny dragon! The leader fell after hits from Jiro, Tybalg, and an orbweaver siphoned all of the moisture from him. The shifter was blessed with the new shape of a tiny spider. The unfortunate dragon stumbled upon the lair of a trap-door spider! The tentacle creature fled then returned to surrender and parlay. What to do with these men from a distant land? They tracked us here, so there will likely be more. What powerful spiders live in their domain? How to proceed with Simon and Jiro fighting like fang spiders constantly? A few minutes to consult the Fateweaver…
Just because you're paranoid...

“People of Raven’s Roost, heed my warning! Your heroes have turned against you! Only Lord Odda and Sir Simon remain free of the Devil’s thrall. Barricade the keep and prepare to defend yourselves again the Devil and his minions, who will come bearing familiar faces and beguiling words. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. THEY ARE LOST.

Sir Simon, Right Hand of Lord Odda"

Having temporarily escaped the rampaging devil, I hastily scratched out these few lines on a scrap of parchment and affixed it to Vengeance’s bridle. Were I to fall, my only hope is that my loyal steed would return home to warn our people before the great betrayer and my former allies had time to return to the keep and…I shudder to think what would happen to the helpless and innocent were that thing to gain control of the roost.

I tried to convey this to Muxelnux, but the bizarre spider-man believes that this Devil, who was once the unstable if not insane sorcerer Jiro is somehow still a friend. Even worse, he accuses ME of having changed! Insane. Truly, he is as foolish as he is cowardly, though the trick that encased the Devil in walls was neat enough for us to effect our escape. Still, when I had to battle the Devil a second time, the weakling hid and would not strike our enemy, leaving me, his longtime protector to battle the Devil alone. And battle I did, dealing crushing blow after blow to the beast until it fled terrified into the skies and laid me low with dark magics that even my great helm could not deflect.

Would that I have died there rather than the the vile treachery that awaited me! For the Devil wished to torment me by bringing me to my so-called allies, who saw not the obvious threat that confronted them but rather, again, accused ME of having league with evil. The iniquity! I should have expected it from the filthy goblin, that it would side with a devil against a righteous man. Poor sweet Tybalg seemed doubtful, but was easily misled by their poisonous lies. Still, when I survive this ordeal I will give him a chance to redeem himself despite the fact that he also insisted that I must attend to some false nature-worshiper to be “cured” of whatever ailment these liars have invented to justify their mutinous behavior.

The Devil I will slay myself. The gnome and the goblin will be tried, hung and gibbeted as the law demands, for their betrayal of their Lord and for the murder of the helpful travelers who attempted to capture the Devil. I will not submit to their lies and trickery and I will not rest until justice has been done.

I am Simon, chosen of Heroes, Right Hand to Lord Odda of Raven’s Roost, and I swear I will have vengeance.

Staring in the fire
Of the nature of the void bringer...

Through my radiant sight, I have always known Jiro’s true form. I just didn’t know he was so pushy.

After the third admonishment about going back in the mines, he flew off with Symon and Mux.

On the one hand, we should have done more to stop him, on the other, its good to know he can fly with an armored rider at no penalty.

A storm was blowing in, so while we collapsed the entrance, I dwelt on the nature of my demesne. Godlings and aberrations are more common here than goblins, and we were purposely stocking the place with the latter. Were they laughing in the courts of Sanaam that the rube was attempting a fool’s errand in the restoration of Raven’s Roost. Would life not be easier on the soldier’s road? Leave these people and their squabbles and head our quests? Even the city of the damned probably had fewer evil deities than our backyard.

In return for sharing my thoughts with the subhumans, they turned me into a Mammoth, where at least I found escape from my inner musings. Its always pleasant memories of tromping around and eating grass when I am restored, but does QJ HAVE to ride me through the front gates… No matter, I guess, if I burn the place down.

My first order of business was… not to scry for our divine to where my companions had been abducted. In retrospect, that was weird. Instead, it was to seek out the Arachnolytes and their mysterious master. After extending every hospitality, we took them to the codex room. In other words, a basement rooms dressed up fancy in which we told them we keep the codex. Not only can they decipher its twisting text, but they can do greater readings from it. After hours of chanting we learned — better go get the worms.

After consulting with my relatives, burning even more of our remaining treasure, we’ve come up with some facts and plans, but it seems that it was indeed a distance father’s decision to seal in the miners for the sake of the rest of the village. As such, I have made a public apology and sworn myself to donate the silver we wrest from the mine to the village… for what? For us giving the people hope and a life and defense and now free silver… I should find a kind lord such as myself and move to his village. I shall definitely whinge less than my serfs.

So, now we plan and prepare. Perhaps a trip to Sanaam? Perhaps a visit to Aester?

The advantage of owning my own plane will be better places to keep my stuff!

I share what I learn with the military council before going back to stare into the fire.

Live and Let Live
Monster Mercy Edition

Everywhere we go, we find horrors we cannot imagine. Even in old silver mine on our own land. Expect maybe find bandits, maybe half-dead, maybe some creatures that live below ground like land shark we fought on way to fight blue dragon. Never expect to find worm gods and their nightmare servants.

Along way, we find half-deads in the mine that hate Odda, we kill them. Then more come and we kill them. Then even more come and say if we kill them they will hate us, too. So I throw three of them in a hole with help from Muxelnux’s stone spidergoyle and everyone else kills the last one and they say that’s it they hate us now for real, too, but they don’t come out of the hole.

We also found machine men and had to break them because they were already broken in their heads. Too bad for machine men. Probably not their fault left alone so long underground.

We also have to fight a rainbow of giant worms in the mine. Red with fire and blue with lightning and white with head hurting and brown with weakening and purple with being gigantic and swallowing Tybalg, son of Tybalg, but making big mistake because even inside a purple worm can Tybalg rend flesh with Burn Blade. We kill them all except the brown one and Jiro banishes the white one. Brown one runs away to stinky place deep under the mine.

After we cut magic armor and wand out of purple worm belly, Odda puts on armor and Quarterjack figures out how to shoot webs with the wand, then we catch breath and then all jump into stinky place under mine using Muxelnux butt web ropes.

(Before meet Muxelnux, Tybalg eat only warm, raw meat. Caerdail says we’re all animals, so Tybalg, son of Tybalg, mostly used to eat small animals and then had to answer call of nature too often and for too long every time. Ever since Tybalg start jumping from high places with butt web ropes, Tybalg only answer call of nature twice a day and done very quickly every time. Tybalg recommend trying butt web ropes for all adventurers even if not eat small animals raw like Tybalg.)

Stinky place under mine is crawling with thick rug made of worms of all sizes. Same brown one we fight before is there. And white one that was banished by Jiro last time we saw it. Jiro says that can only mean the stinky place is where white worm is from and not same as place we’re from so we’re somewhere far away.

Little worms on ground make Tybalg not want to hurt worms. Quarterjack turns Jiro into giant ape and then giant ape Jiro also make friends with little worms and not want to fight worms. Soon God of Worms appears looking like torchlight after too much mushroom tea and breaks my head until I do what it says.

We are overwhelmed and hopeless no matter our efforts. Quarterjack can’t even talk, let alone making things funny. Odda is dying on top of a pile of dead worms. Ronnie tells my broken head a funny joke and I can’t stop laughing. And then God of Worms decides to have a conversation with not giant ape anymore Jiro as if old friends.

Demon Jiro says we’re sorry and won’t come back and the God of Worms turns Jiro into a demon monster and then we all fly out on stone spidergoyle and giant eagle and demon Jiro. And that, Buckler, is why I keep finding little worms in weird places and feeding them to you.

Tybalg done with go to scary places full of already dead or go to home world of gods or anywhere else with big magic things that can’t be killed. Silver not worth that. Go find own silver.

Tybalg only go to places to stop bad men from now on. Tybalg save others from bad men. Tybalg even kill bad men if only way to save others. But Tybalg go where Tybalg is big scary monster showing mercy, not bigger scarier monster showing mercy to Tybalg. That is not natural. That is maybe you don’t come here for the fighting, but come just to beg for life after. That not for Tybalg.

Tybalg has small and weak to protect from bad men that are smaller than Tybalg but bigger than small and weak. Stupid humans can slay their own big scary monsters.

Meditations on Static Magic
After the slaughter...

I’ve discovered my journal again, only because of the exhaustive search through my luggage now that I am out of wine. We really should bring porters when we leave the horses.

I sit on the rubble of this forsaken keep watching over my followers. I fear my destiny is no longer as clear as flame and as fate has turned against me, their souls are now in danger. Innocents, potential citizens of my new realm, lay slaughtered around us, and my friends squabble over baubles.

The secrets of my ancestors I have pried from the fires are now turning against me and deliver nothing but failure. All but the simplest flames themselves.

I instilled Goat Face Killa with a humorous bit of my soul and sent him to bang the last pot and pan in my mess kit from a half click out, but now I see him in the moat much closer to the keep. Why didn’t he follow the instructions? Why didn’t he move through the moat like the undead we have faced?

I use the eyes of my forefathers to spy out the keep, a new and powerful magic, but the band’s champions all remained hidden from my site.

I lead my followers against the keep, willing the stones themselves to part and let us through, but I am abandoned by all but faithful Symon. Only the spark of soul I hide in Symon met with any real purchase in this conflict, allowing him to sacrifice his own to smite Oppacca. No bane and no magics I possess had any real effect on the outcome. Why? Rather than defending their leader, the band slaughtered their captives without any parlay. Why? What did they fear from their survival? What secrets did they keep?

My companions won the day with powerful illusions, transforming into beasts, infesting the keep with spiders, pulling down the very towers on the enemy, while our warriors waded through the foe. Yet, here they are rifling through the gear of the orcen dead.

We need every tool at our disposal to re-forge the realm of my ancestors, but true magic comes from the soul. These objects that freeze dead magics within them seem a perversion to the true, magical living fire.

As I sober up, I notice that my followers are covered with these foul trinkets, while I have none. It must be that they lack my righteous instincts. I must meditate upon this before the sacred flame when we return to the Roost. I won’t forge my dominion by endangering their souls.

New Dawn, New Day, New Life
Feeling Good, Still Ready to Die

This morning Tybalg, son of Tybalg, wake up in warm mud and shit of pig pen, feel like young Uruk Hai again.

Even after see looks on faces of women and children at Roost when return from North and Tybalg still covered in Oppaca blood from face to waist.

Ever after see poor little Ronnie ride Muxelnux spider home, crushed leg wrapped and held high on back.

Even with pain in bones and scars on flesh still healing from pounding of the Bone Crusher, poking of Mirsha’s spear, and burn of tiny blade in hand.

Even with strange dream of Tybalg, son of Tybalg, as Ancient Beast with Oppaca dead body in jaws.

Even with terrible vision of so many dead hostages and ferrorcs at Bloodhound Keep that we fail to save.

Even with all that still feel good this morning.

Also feel grateful to friends for help freeing all of Bones from Oppaca, including Tybalg, son of Tybalg, who was not free until now.

Grateful to Muxelnux the combat medic for keep Tybalg and Ronnie alive to fight and for sacrifice so many spider friends to distract Oppaca from kill us.

Grateful to Odda for saving as many of the weak as possible from Bones and still let old Bones reform at Bloodhound Keep with Dumon and Saela to show them new ways.

Grateful to Ronnie for so brave and so little at same time. Many orc, even Uruk Hai, not so brave in face of foe so big and strong.

Grateful to Jiro for show up not too late and make Ancient Beast Tybalg and Simon move faster than Oppaca, even if Jiro friend try to kill us all first.

Grateful to Quarterjack for make almost dead Tybalg into Ancient Beast Tybalg and for help with Muxelnux to get everyone to witch on tower before she stop us get to Oppaca.

Grateful to Simon for letting sword eat his soul to chop down Oppaca like tree and for not executing friends in the Bones or freed ferrorcs.

Grateful to Shield of Sacrifice for teaching Tybalg how to protect friends. Tybalg knows how to do it now even with Skull Shield.

All of us back at Roost and not sure what next, but Jiro flame skull friend who try to kill us also invite us to games in Beastman City. So far Beastman we meet only know same games as Oppaca.

Tybalg not want to play those games anymore. But Tybalg, son of Tybalg, will play blood games against Beastmen. For Simon. And to protect Roost.


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