Post Apotheosis

Staring in the fire

Of the nature of the void bringer...

Through my radiant sight, I have always known Jiro’s true form. I just didn’t know he was so pushy.

After the third admonishment about going back in the mines, he flew off with Symon and Mux.

On the one hand, we should have done more to stop him, on the other, its good to know he can fly with an armored rider at no penalty.

A storm was blowing in, so while we collapsed the entrance, I dwelt on the nature of my demesne. Godlings and aberrations are more common here than goblins, and we were purposely stocking the place with the latter. Were they laughing in the courts of Sanaam that the rube was attempting a fool’s errand in the restoration of Raven’s Roost. Would life not be easier on the soldier’s road? Leave these people and their squabbles and head our quests? Even the city of the damned probably had fewer evil deities than our backyard.

In return for sharing my thoughts with the subhumans, they turned me into a Mammoth, where at least I found escape from my inner musings. Its always pleasant memories of tromping around and eating grass when I am restored, but does QJ HAVE to ride me through the front gates… No matter, I guess, if I burn the place down.

My first order of business was… not to scry for our divine to where my companions had been abducted. In retrospect, that was weird. Instead, it was to seek out the Arachnolytes and their mysterious master. After extending every hospitality, we took them to the codex room. In other words, a basement rooms dressed up fancy in which we told them we keep the codex. Not only can they decipher its twisting text, but they can do greater readings from it. After hours of chanting we learned — better go get the worms.

After consulting with my relatives, burning even more of our remaining treasure, we’ve come up with some facts and plans, but it seems that it was indeed a distance father’s decision to seal in the miners for the sake of the rest of the village. As such, I have made a public apology and sworn myself to donate the silver we wrest from the mine to the village… for what? For us giving the people hope and a life and defense and now free silver… I should find a kind lord such as myself and move to his village. I shall definitely whinge less than my serfs.

So, now we plan and prepare. Perhaps a trip to Sanaam? Perhaps a visit to Aester?

The advantage of owning my own plane will be better places to keep my stuff!

I share what I learn with the military council before going back to stare into the fire.


milord, sorry i’ve been so preoccupied since we returned to the roost. been pursuing my own studies. but i should remind you that we have the crystal ball, which might help us locate our erstwhile companions. i’ve taken the liberty of retrieving some personal affects from their lodgings that might enhance the scrying accuracy.

Staring in the fire
Stephen_Scholz Burkzurker

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