Post Apotheosis

Just because you're paranoid...

“People of Raven’s Roost, heed my warning! Your heroes have turned against you! Only Lord Odda and Sir Simon remain free of the Devil’s thrall. Barricade the keep and prepare to defend yourselves again the Devil and his minions, who will come bearing familiar faces and beguiling words. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. THEY ARE LOST.

Sir Simon, Right Hand of Lord Odda"

Having temporarily escaped the rampaging devil, I hastily scratched out these few lines on a scrap of parchment and affixed it to Vengeance’s bridle. Were I to fall, my only hope is that my loyal steed would return home to warn our people before the great betrayer and my former allies had time to return to the keep and…I shudder to think what would happen to the helpless and innocent were that thing to gain control of the roost.

I tried to convey this to Muxelnux, but the bizarre spider-man believes that this Devil, who was once the unstable if not insane sorcerer Jiro is somehow still a friend. Even worse, he accuses ME of having changed! Insane. Truly, he is as foolish as he is cowardly, though the trick that encased the Devil in walls was neat enough for us to effect our escape. Still, when I had to battle the Devil a second time, the weakling hid and would not strike our enemy, leaving me, his longtime protector to battle the Devil alone. And battle I did, dealing crushing blow after blow to the beast until it fled terrified into the skies and laid me low with dark magics that even my great helm could not deflect.

Would that I have died there rather than the the vile treachery that awaited me! For the Devil wished to torment me by bringing me to my so-called allies, who saw not the obvious threat that confronted them but rather, again, accused ME of having league with evil. The iniquity! I should have expected it from the filthy goblin, that it would side with a devil against a righteous man. Poor sweet Tybalg seemed doubtful, but was easily misled by their poisonous lies. Still, when I survive this ordeal I will give him a chance to redeem himself despite the fact that he also insisted that I must attend to some false nature-worshiper to be “cured” of whatever ailment these liars have invented to justify their mutinous behavior.

The Devil I will slay myself. The gnome and the goblin will be tried, hung and gibbeted as the law demands, for their betrayal of their Lord and for the murder of the helpful travelers who attempted to capture the Devil. I will not submit to their lies and trickery and I will not rest until justice has been done.

I am Simon, chosen of Heroes, Right Hand to Lord Odda of Raven’s Roost, and I swear I will have vengeance.


Don’t beat around the bush Simon, tell us what you really feel. ;)

Just because you're paranoid...
Stephen_Scholz agunderwood

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