Post Apotheosis

Brokedown Palace

Fare thee well, my only true one

With elves at door to Peoples’ Mine, licking chops like hungry wolf, we wake from rest in secret upside down world and make decision. Odda dream of his ancestors who remind that take care of living things is hard work and then you get blamed when they die.

Odda lets go of world and we tell Caerydail to keep it secret and keep it safe. She agrees and then becomes part of Haven as it becomes part of her, coming to life together.

It is sad for Tybalg, son of Tybalg, to leave Caerydail behind, but already thought Tybalg be dead by now. Already more time with her than expect or deserve. Better lose her this way than death.

She make exit for us through old Roost village of half-deads we made all the way dead before and we go back to Roost with silver to pay for Spider Festival.

Waiting for us at town square of Roost are elves who are very fast and weren’t stopped by town guard or Sheriff at gates. We tell them is too late to take Haven because is safe now. Odda invite them for dinner.

Sheriff also tell us that we are losing residents because elves taking boats of them to Theo crazies. Not understand why they want to go.

Elves offer us help but Odda say he not need their kind of help, they help enough already, and can go home now.

After rest and re-equipping ourselves, we go to get old goblin Wagonhome that Tybalg left off the road to Sanam and then visit Aester to offer our help with his troubles. They doubt us at gate, but we go in and see they were under siege and now still have army of big Northmen to pay for protection.

Aester say he not need our help against giants because Northmen already take care of that. They say have an errand for us, but before we can decide to do or not, word comes from Sanam that King is sick and Lords must all go.

Simon flies to Sanam as giant eagle with Quarterjack to try to help King before others arrive. Not sure what happen but when we get there, Simon say he helped King last this long and Quarterjack is very mad at King’s Vizier who also very mad at Quarterjack.

As Lords are gathered and King begin talk to name new King if he die, King start to die already and not wake up. Now Lords don’t know what to do.

But Lords don’t have Buckler. Tybalg has Buckler. And Buckler tell Tybalg on long ride from Aester lands to Sanam what to do if King dies…same advice Buckler give on Haven: let someone else feed the hare while we keep marching on like turtle.

Buckler say best new King is neighbor of Roost to protect us and Haven and Caerydail, but Odda and Simon don’t like Aester. And Aester have problems of his own. Can’t do nothing for us. That only leave old man Revan.

But Buckler say not rush to support old man Revan. Be patient like turtle. Wait for him promise to protect Roost. And let non-humans move to Roost from other Lords if they want. Then promise help make old man Revan new King.

But Buckler also say not rush Odda on decidings. Humans only listen to Odda and Odda only listen to Odda, too. Odda like hare at start, like turtle at end. He get there eventually.


Stephen_Scholz Muy

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