Post Apotheosis

Brain Toxins Everywhere!

I bolted out of that strange worm plane and dropped Lord Odda in the midst of a horrible winter storm. Lest his unconscious body get buried in the quickly rising snow, I hurried back into the depths in eagle form to grab more companions. The only companions left were Simon and the strange, red, demonic spider form Jiro had taken. Simon was riding the winged creature up through the tunnel back to the surface, but as I passed, I swear I noticed Simon pressing his sword to Jiros’ neck. Like trap door spiders we burst up into the white-out conditions. No sign of Tybalg, Dronnie Drane, or Sir Odda. My theory of them being nabbed by a blizzard spider was never told to the bickering Simon and the Blushing Jiro form. Jiro was becoming overconfident in his new, powerful, red, half spider-goyle form, and something was affecting Simons’ temper and judgement. Did a pixie-spider get to him without me noticing? Jiro lashed out with a claw. This was no sparring, he clawed through Simons armor and drew blood! My study of their blood would have to wait until after the battle. My oldest companion through so many adventures was using his deadly power swing like he thought Jiro was an enemy. The pixie-spider toxin had my companions fighting each other! I pulled out a tiny block of granite. “Sessaph Meslarp!” My final spell prepared for the day pulled web-stone up from the snow-covered rock to create an icy, stone prison for Jiro, to allow me to pull Simon away to safety so I could examine him. 30 seconds away the thunder of crumbling stone meant Jiro had burst through my web-stone. Inconceivable! The white-out conditions would have us safely hidden from the angry, confused Jiro. What’s this? Jiro has found us by using the weirding way to track our magic items. Simon goes into a rage I’ve only seen in Tybolg. Worrisome. I use the Harrier cantrip to aid Simon, but when Jiros’ 4 appendage winged spider form is about to fall, he takes flight and sends gout after gout of flame to melt the Paladin unconscious. This time the white-out blizzard was too much for Jiro. He was prowling like a vampire spider, but never found me. The web-sphere protected me in a small snowdrift. After a short rest I opened a portal to summon my sadistic, but obedient Spider-goyle. “Search the snows over there for my companion in red armor and drag his body back here”. It obeyed. Simon was alive, but unconscious, like he’d ingested Chub Chub venom. I was spell-less and drained of constitution, so needed rest. I chose to give Simon a healing shelob-wrap sleep treatment as we bed down for a long rest. Tulip snuggled up to the much warmer Simon for 8 hours of rest. We awoke to the familiar faces of Quarterjack and Tybalg. They had scryed us, but where was Ronnee Rain and Lord Odda? On their way to Toulis Evergreen to seek nature magic healing. Jiro in his strange form joined us again and the party voted to reunite with Lord Odda and Donny Dane and seek The Great Druids’ opinion on the Jiro form and Simon brain poison. My phantom spider bounded through the frozen swamp, while Vengeance carried Simon and my companions trailed along. 2 humanoids and a large cat figure approached in the open, 50 yards away, then closer, asking for parlay. My companions have been well-schooled on the treachery of the bog-leach spider, so were cautious in a tactical, spread approach. “The escaped creature is our property, to be returned to service under its’ rightful owner” commanded a regal man in green and red finery brandishing a large talisman in Jiros’ direction. We let the spider-silk tongued goblin do the talking, but Jiros approach towards the creatures found him charmed by the talisman! Simon Charged, but not towards our new foes! He cut the leg tendons of the Jiro beast-form causing a horrible wound. That left Quarterjack, Tybalg and me to deal with the strange, shifter wizard now flying, the tentacle-faced glaive wielding warrior, The leader, an imp-like creature and a tiny dragon! The leader fell after hits from Jiro, Tybalg, and an orbweaver siphoned all of the moisture from him. The shifter was blessed with the new shape of a tiny spider. The unfortunate dragon stumbled upon the lair of a trap-door spider! The tentacle creature fled then returned to surrender and parlay. What to do with these men from a distant land? They tracked us here, so there will likely be more. What powerful spiders live in their domain? How to proceed with Simon and Jiro fighting like fang spiders constantly? A few minutes to consult the Fateweaver…


What happened to my paragraphs?!

Brain Toxins Everywhere!

I like it in one long paragraph, it helps express the flood of emotions. :)

Brain Toxins Everywhere!
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